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Helpful websites:enlightened


YEARBOOK:  YBPAY.COM and type the code:  7582820 for Pico Canyon.  Due by 4/10/20


Typing Practice:



Hatchet Novel online:

Read theory website:    use the code ERE8RBAE

           Directions: Once you login with google account and enter the code: 

1. Click the orangish "sign up" button
2. Click "student"
3. Click "sign in with Google" and select your name/account
4. Go to the top of the screen with the picture of the people (it should say "my teachers"), and click that icon
5. Enter YOUR first and last name and submit
6. Then enter the class code: ERE8RBAE 
7. Click "join class".  It should show that "you have joined Siefert 2019-2020"
8. Go to the top of the screen with picture of the multi colored graph and click that icon.
9. You will come to a screen that says "Let the learning begin!" and click the blue "I'm ready" button
This will take you to an entry level pre-test that you must complete.  When you finish the pre-test, click "enter program".  Now you can begin using this awesome website :)


Vocabulary: visit the site by copying and pasting.  You can join with google account                            

Reading Comprehension:   use google account to log in.  use class code HN5X5J

Smarter Balanced Test sample items: ; use google account to log in

Grammar:  use class code:  important plate 4   use class code  6D9WRV


Scholastic Book Orders:

Code: GV96L.  Due date is 9/21.  Please refer to the order form and flyer for information on how to order online.  



To access SS Reflection book, copy and paste url in new address bar

From here, on Mrs. Cole's website, try to click the upper right corner that says Reflections Ancient Civilizations - pdf , double click the hyperlink under the social studies section.  From there, download the file, wait and then click show in folder.  The whole textbook will come up. 





Extra Math Resource that is great:

use for state test prep: